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Announcing our new partnership with grondinn. If you need a place to connect with other people and be surrounded by walls from the original Barcelona, El Born o el barri de la ribera.

Reasons to Don’t miss this discount

– Connect with other professionals
– Free events to learn and enjoy
-A Beautiful place to work Monday to Friday
– Coffee and Tea included
-You also can use meeting rooms to close your deals.

All this was 169 €/m but for being member from Enter you will have it only for 149 €/m

Crazy isn’t? If you are not convince you shouldn’t miss their events that also not being a member you will have some discounts just for being from Enter.

Instagram: @groundinn    

Website: https://www.clubcaramel.es/home

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Announcing our new partnership with Aura Silent disco. Magic events where you would enjoy a music unique experience. Check our instagram or their website and stay tune about their next events! You will have a Discount of 20% to use as a  promotional code that we will offer you only for members. You can contact us by email or social media apps to get it. 

Instagram: @aura_events_es        WED 2.08: @spacecowboybcn

Website: https://aurasilentdisco.com/


Erasmus Barcelona by WELOVEBCN – Events

Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Erasmus Barcelona via WELOVEBCN to offer our colivers a 10% discount on all their Barcelona events and fantastic getaways around Catalonia. Simply sign up on their website, share your contract with us, and we’ll provide you with the discount code for an unforgettable experience. Explore Barcelona and Catalonia like never before with this exclusive offer!

Instagram: @Erasmus_barcelona 

Website: https://www.erasmusbarcelona.org/upcoming-events

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Cinema Maldà – Movies

Cinemamalda  will collaborate with entercoliving. So you will be able to go to the cinema ONLY FOR 3.50 eur. Films are in original version so you can find a lot of them in English.

Carrer del Pi, 5, Barcelona ( inside galerias Maldà) 

To get the discount show on your phone your contract when you buy your ticket.

Instagram: @cinemamalda

Website: https://www.cinemamalda.com/cartelera-dia-dia/

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Seclestyle – Urban Art

  • Stikers workshop: The history of graffiti and streetart, dynamics for writingyour name or logo in creatively and interact with the team and How to make your your first handmade handmade stickers

    For Enter Coliving only 30 euros duration 1,5 -2 hours.

  •  Art Tour: Discover the street art of the Barcelona,  Meet the artists and their works and specialised galleries. For Enter Coliving only 20 euros duration 1,5 -2 hours.
  • Connecting: Draw like Picasso. Break the ice, to have a first contact with pencil, paper and pencil, paper and laughter. Music to connect and Find characters from a doodle Through this proposal we connect with our inner child. For Enter Coliving only 30 euros duration 1,5 -2 hours.

Instagram: @seclestyle    Facebook: Seclestyle

Iraia PhotographyProfessional photo shoots

Have you always wanted to do a photo shoot? Then Iraia Photography is where you should go! Iraia is a professional photographer who is able to capture your most amazing moments. Besides private pictures, she also makes business pictures for your LinkedIn profile. 

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract after contacting Iraia,  by sending a DM at her Instagram or Facebook , in order to receive 20% discount.

Instagram: @iraiaphotography      Facebook: Iraiaphotography

Capture your memories! 🙂

Kleta – Bike rental

If you want to rent a high-quality bike for a couple of months, then consider going to Kleta! Kleta offers the best tailor-made normal and electrical bikes for an affordable price.

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at Kleta, and pay only €21,90 on monthly rental on every bike.

Instagram: @kleta_bikes          Facebook: Kleta

Enjoy the ride! 🙂

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