Check In instructions

Important steps to follow

Step 1: Sign the contract & pay the deposit & monthly rent + expenses.
Step 2: Pick up the keys at our office
Step 3: Welcome to your new home!
Step 4: House Rules
INFO: Important information

Enter welcomes you to your new home

We are glad to have you here. Below we provide you with important information about the apartment and a series of steps to follow so that you can fully enjoy your stay!

Step 1: Sign the contract and make the deposit/rent payment
After you confirm the room to one an Enter Coliving team members and send the required documentation, make sure you have made the payment of the deposit/rent. If you enter the 1st day of the month, you should pay 100% of the agreed monthly rent + expenses. In case you enter after the month has started, you should pay the amount based on the days left in the month. We will inform you how to pay accordingly.

Accepted payment methods

Bank transfer

If you are moving to Poeta Cabanyes 14: Edifici Poeta Cabanyes 14 SL – ES90 0081 0305 9100 0183 5294 – BSABESBBXXX

If you are moving to Santa Madrona 27: Santa Madrona 27 SL – ES7801280508640100041701

The rest of our apartments and buildings: Bluebricks consulting SL – ES28 0081 0305 9300 0170 1773 – BSABESBBXXX


You should follow the instructions of  this link.

Credit or debit card

Ask for our team members to send you the link to pay

After sending the required amount:

We will ask you to send us the bank receipt or proof of the payment showing the title “DEPOSIT/RENT + MONTH + FULL NAME”, in order to verify the transaction.

After the payment, we will send the contract to your email for digital signature.

Step 2: Pick up the keys at the Enter Coliving office.

You should ask for an appointment through the following link:

Normally the Check-In is done on weekdays during business hours (Mon – Fri 09.30 am to 18:30 pm). Check-In outside of business hours has an extra cost of Eur 50,00 and depends on our staff availability.

We give one set of keys per person. It is the responsibility of the tenant to take care of it. In case of theft or loss, please notify the enter Coliving team immediately. The new set has a cost of EUR 50,00 that will be charged to the tenant.

Step 3: Welcome to your new home! ūüôā

From now on you start enjoying your new room.

Try to enter the apartment during business hours, we will notify your roommates so they know that you are moving on the agreed date.

In some cases, it may not have been possible to complete some maintenance prior to your entry, you can tell us and we will solve it as soon as possible. To do this, you must complete the following very brief form:

You will find the Wi-Fi network and internet password, written under the router, or you will have a QR code in a visible part of the apartment.

Step 4: Our ENTER Coliving world

ENTER believes in a world of Coliving. Our goal is to create pleasant living spaces where people feel at home and have the opportunity to focus on their goals in an amazing city.

That is why we think a series of Coliving house rules in the apartment will make your experience more pleasant. It is important that all Colivers respect them for comfort, safety and a good atmosphere for everyone in the Coliving space. Disrespecting those guidelines for living together may lead to early termination of your contract.

Besides, we provide you with a series of useful telephone numbers in case of emergencies. You may find them in the apartment at the entrance door.

House Rules

  • Respect each other living in the apartment & neighbors in the building
  • Damage by negligence will be paid by the tenant(s)
  • Throw away the garbage and change the garbage bags daily
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom after you’re done using it
  • Do not throw food in the sink / dishwasher
  • Throw away old food in the fridge and respect your compartment
  • Every tenant has a private shelf in the fridge and a drawer in the kitchen area
  • Smoking is allowed only on the balcony/in the outside area
  • NO parties allowed
  • No loud noise in the apartment after 10 PM
  • Don‚Äôt throw any tampons into the toilets
  • Keep bathroom drain pipes clean of hair, especially the shower after using it
  • Turn off electrical appliances after using
  • Show common sense, respect and communication with your fellow Colivers


Below you can find some useful information about payments and maintenance:

‚óŹ PAYMENTS: The payment of the rent + expenses must be done within the first five (5) days of the month, after that period there is a late fee of 50 euros

Only severe exceptions are possible but must be discussed with our Coliving management team in advance. The deposit + 1st-month payment can be made either by bank transfer or in cash.

Starting from the second month, payments will be made by direct debit (domiciliación bancaria) through the bank account you provided us with as stated in the rental agreement. This means that the rent will be subtracted automatically every month from your bank account.

To set up the direct debit, you will need to sign an electronic authorization that we will send to you before the second month of your stay (it¬īs called MANDATO SEPA). Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account for the rent to be paid because otherwise the bank may charge us penalty fees, which will be charged to the tenant.

‚óŹ EXPENSES for WATER/ELECTRICITY/GAS: Everything is taken care of for you automatically. No need to set up anything. We charge a fixed monthly fee of ‚ā¨50 per room for utilities including gas, water, and electricity up to that amount. If more is used, all tenants will need to pay their share of the extra costs, which will be charged at the end of the contract and discounted from the deposit.

‚óŹ MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: In case of any kind of repair or maintenance request for the apartment, the following quick form needs to be filled: You can also find a QR code in the apartment for easy access to this form.

IMPORTANT: We cannot process requests that are not made through the form!

WIFI: You will find the wifi network and internet password written in the back part of the router. You may also see some signs on the walls with the WiFi network/password.


The empadronamiento is a process of registration in the municipality (ayuntamiento). It is a personal procedure that you should manage directly with the municipality.

The municipality generally requests the following from our side:

– a hard copy of the rental contract, 6 months minimum length

– the empadronamiento form signed by us

– Our personal ID

We can provide these these documents upon request. Please send an email to with the subject ‚ÄúEmpadronamiento / Register at the municipality‚ÄĚ and we will inform you of the steps to follow.

Typically, we will send you the documentation to print and you will have to come to our office to have them signed. For this reason and in case you would like to register, we suggest you contact us with sufficient time in advance.

You could ask for an appointment at our office on this link:

The city council is really strict on the documents needed and they are making this procedure more complex. For that reason, it may happen at some point that the worker from the city council will ask for more documents regarding your accommodation.

‚óŹ COMMUNICATION channels: we communicate important things regarding the flat by email based on daily activities: cleaning/repair schedules; coming to the flat for any visit to any of the rooms, etc.

Please make sure to add our email address to your “white list” to ensure you receive all our emails. ūüôā

– For administrative / payment matters, you may send an email to and we will assist you as soon as possible.

– For maintenance / repair requests: Filling out the form: or scan the QR code that you will find at the entrance door of the apartment.

– For other inquiries, you may contact us at +34 936 06 79 53 (Business hours Mon-Fri 09.30 am to 9 pm) or by email to

‚óŹ VISITS to the APARTMENT: In case there is a free room or it is about to be free, members of the Enter Coliving team will make visits to the apartment to show the room and the common areas. These visits could be in person, that is, potential tenants interested in renting may come with us, or they may be made by video calls. We always try to coordinate all visits at the same time and notify roommates in advance to keep it as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Check out

You could find all the information of the check out process through this link.

Si tienes alguna duda no dudes en contactarnos a través de:

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