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Enter Coliving – Community events

Frequently organised community events for Enter Colivers, to get to know others from our community.

As an Enter Coliving tenant, you will automaticially receive the event announcements from our team. Also make sure to follow our socials to stay up to date! 

Instagram: @Entercoliving        Facebook: Enter Coliving


AURA – Silent disco

Aura organizes silent disco events.

As an Enter Coliving tenant, you will get a 15% discount if you show them your contract

Instagram: @aura.bcn        Facebook: AuraSilentDisco

Enjoy listening 

Coconut Club – Tropical beach Bar

Right next to the Hotel Arts hotel, The Coconut Club offers high quality Carribean food and amazing cocktails in a tropical ambience!

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at the Coconut Club in order to get 15% discount.

Instagram: @thecoconutclubbcn       Facebook: The Coconut Club

Enjoy the meal and the drinks! 🙂

Iraia PhotographyProfessional photo shoots

Have you always wanted to do a photo shoot? Then Iraia Photography is where you should go! Iraia is a professional photographer who is able to capture your most amazing moments. Besides private pictures, she also makes business pictures for your LinkedIn profile. 

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract after contacting Iraia,  by sending a DM at her Instagram or Facebook , in order to receive 20% discount.

Instagram: @iraiaphotography      Facebook: Iraiaphotography

Capture your memories! 🙂

Tattva Yoga StudioYoga classes

Yoga is proven to be a good form of exercise – in order to release tension in the body and mind and to make you feel relaxed. If you’re interested in low-budget yoga classes from a friendly and experienced teacher, try Tattva Yoga!

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at the yoga studio, and pay only €28 for 4 classes (monthly payment, one class per week).

Instagram: @tattvayogabcn        Facebook: Tattva YOGA BCN

Enjoy the classes! 🙂

Kleta – Bike rental

If you want to rent a high-quality bike for a couple of months, then consider going to Kleta! Kleta offers the best tailor-made normal and electrical bikes for an affordable price.

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at Kleta, and pay only €21,90 on monthly rental on every bike.

Instagram: @kleta_bikes          Facebook: Kleta

Enjoy the ride! 🙂

Cloudworks – Coworking spaces

If you’re working or studying from home, and you feel easily distracted there or you feel lonely, then go to Cloudworks! Cloudworks offers hip coworking spaces from which you can work and where you can also meet other people. Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at one of the Cloudworks locations and:

  • receive a €100 discount for the 1st month of renting an office space with a 6 months minimum length
  • €50 for renting a fix/flex desk with a 3 months minimum length. 

Instagram: @wearecloudworks          Facebook: We are Cloudworks

Good luck with your work / studies

Fish & Chips Shop – Hip restaurant with 4 locations

This hip and fancy restaurant offers a variety of fish that’s breaded at a smoked temperature, and fried potatoes with Indian and Pakistani spices. From the authentic English Fish & Chips shop, the dishes are served in a paper cone.

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at one of the Fish & Chips Shop locations and receive 15% discount on every meal.

Instagram: @thefishandchipsshop         Facebook: The Fish & Chips Shop

Enjoy the food! 🙂

Bootchamps – Outdoor bootcamp trainings

Bootchamps is known to promote healthy living, and for inspiring every individual to reach their physical and mental goals, while at the same time creating a fun environment in their open air gym. Improve your stamina and your strength with intensive body-weight trainings, drills and sprints, and join Bootchamps!

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract upon contacting them, and receive 25% discount on your first month.

Instagram: @bootchamps      Facebook: Bootchamps

Pump it up! 🙂

Barcelona Moto rent - Scooter and motor rental

Barcelona Moto Rent  – Scooter and Motor rental

Do you want to rent a scooter or motor for a day, or for a couple of months? Then go to Barcelona Moto Rent! This company offers high quality brand scooters and motorcycles while offering low prices and amazing service. 

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then reserve your scooter on the BMR app (play store & app store) with the code ‘entercoliving‘, and receive 15% discount on daily rental and 20% discount on monthly rental for all the scooters and motorcycles that are being offered. Show your contract, in order to redeem your discount and take the scooter.

Instagram: @barcelonamotorent

Enjoy your ride! 🙂 

YOS Coaching – Public speaking trainings

Being able to express yourself in public is a good skill to have, either professionally and personally, and therefore we created this collaboration with YOS Coaching!

The courses are currently only offered in Spanish. Are you an Enter Coliving tenant and do you speak Spanish? Then show your contract upon arriving at the school, and you will receive 10% discount.

Instagram: @yoscoaching                     Facebook: YOS Coaching

Enjoy the courses! 🙂

Bonita Bar - Streetfood

Bonita BarStreetfood

Are you looking for some delicious streetfood? Have a look at Bonita! 
Vermuteria Bonita is a multicultural space, where you can enjoy a delicious variety of vermouths, tapas, music and very good vibes. It is also possible to organise a private event in one of their rooms.  
Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at Bonita and receive a 15 percent discount!

Instagram: @Bonitastreetfood.bcn         Facebook: Bonita Street Food

Hungry already? 🙂

XFit Gym - Fitness and classes

XFit Gym – Fitness and Classes

If you are looking for a healthy change in your life, then consider joining XFit Gym! XFit offers an all-included fitness area and various classes from experienced teachers in: contact sports (e.g. Kickboxing/MMA), martial arts (e.g. Judo/Karate), or directed classes (e.g. Yoga/Zumba/Power fit).

Are you an Enter Coliving tenant? Then show your contract at one of the XFit Gym locations and receive 15% discount on every package/subscription that XFit offers.

Instagram: @xfit_bcn       Facebook: @XFit Eixample & @XFit Sant Gervasi

Good luck, stay healthy! 🙂

Flava Drink - Hard seltzer

Flava drink– Hard Seltzer

Have you already tasted this delicious drink? A fresh hard seltzer with 5% alcohol, 100& natural ingredients and low in calories. The perfect for a party or a chill day at the beach. 

All our new tenants will receive a FlAVA drink when they become an Enter Coliver!

Instagram: @flava.drink

Facebook: Flava Hard Seltzer

Enjoy your drink! 🙂

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