Check out instructions

Important steps to follow

Step 1: Inform the Enter Coliving team 1 month in advance
Step 2: Make sure that all the furniture is in the same state
Step 3: Clean the room properly before leaving
Step 4: Send us a check-out video right before leaving the room
Step 5: Hand in the keys and sign the ending deposit contract

Receiving the
deposit back

  • Meet the minimum contract length of the rental agreement and all contract clauses
  • Always inform the Enter Coliving team 1 month in advance
  • Make sure that the room is in the same state as when you entered
  • Be honest about whether things are broken or missing

Step 1: A 1 month leave notice to the Enter Coliving team
Upon your agreed minimum rental contract length, which, for example, could be 6 months, make sure to inform the Enter Coliving team 1 month before your exact departure date. The notification should be by email or filling in the form that we automatically sent one month before the departure. Without this important step, the deposit might be retained. The Check Out date is the last day of your contract.

Step 2: Make sure that all the items of the apartment (including common areas and your room) are in good shape, and that there are not missing objects
If there is damage of any kind, make sure to replace this item before leaving. If we find out that any item is missing or broken, the value of the item has to be discounted from the deposit.

Step 3: Clean the room properly before leaving
Make sure that the week before leaving you start cleaning the room properly. First check all the deep cleaning tasks, and just before leaving finish with the last touches. This will be super important for the next tenant entering the room. If this doesn’t happen, we would need to charge a cleaning fee of EUR 50,00 from the deposit.

Step 4: Do a last check
Do a last check to see if there are any damages and make sure to properly clean before leaving. If both are checked, send us a detailed video of the room and its furniture to our email address:

One of the Enter Colivig team members will have a look at the room to see if everything is as it was upon entering. If anything is missing, damaged, or the room is not cleaned, the associated costs will be discounted from the deposit.

Step 5: Return the keys and sign the ending deposit contract
On the check out date, make sure to return the keys to our office.  You must put the key inside an envelope which mentions the address of the flat where you have stayed, or make sure you have the keychain with the address we gave you at check in, so that we can identify it.

We will send you a link before check out so you can access to the building. Once inside you will find a key box “Enter Check Out” on the left, next to the small door of entrance the building and you have to deposit your keys there.

If you miss the drop-off time, we have to collect the keys from the apartment or if they are not returned back at all and we have to make copies, a fee starting in Eur 50 will be charged from the deposit.


Step 6: Sign the Rental Contract Ending agreement

When all the steps are followed, Enter Coliving will refund you the amount of the deposit according to these rules. Once the contract is signed we will refund the amount of the deposit 1 month after the check out date.

If everything is correct, we will be happy to send the deposit back 🙂

Once you have informed us that you will leave the room, the Enter Coliving team members will have to start the rental process again. These visits can be face-to-face or video calls. We always try to coordinate visits within the same schedule and notify the tenants and roommates by whatsapp as far in advance as possible, to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us through: coliving@entercoliving.comReturn 

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