Frequently Asked Questions


As a member, your rent includes community events, on-demand maintenance through scanning the personalized QR code in the property, access to discounts at local collaborations, keyless entry at some of our buildings, Smart TVs, on-site laundry and more. 

Our coliving members also enjoy weekly cleanings of shared spaces (including the bathrooms!), WiFi, household essentials like cookware and cleaning supplies, a private furnished bedroom, and beautiful and furnished shared rooms.

Enter offers a wide range of units for a variety of needs and budgets. From coliving suites to private rooms or studios and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments: whatever you choose, you’ll find convenience, value, comfort and community.

Yes, there is a one time management fee of €200, this payment will be added to your deposit.

Our regular business hours are: Monday-Friday 10am till 6pm (emergency’s until 9pm)

Customer Service Contact: 
Phone +34 644 67 92 16
Yes, we can provide these documents in digital form. Just remember that we need a two weeks notice to obtain the necessary documentation for the empadronamiento, so that we can process it.


The application process is easy and can be done online, or in person.

Once you’ve picked the home you like, chat with someone of our sales team to schedule a virtual or in-person visit.

After the visit, we ask you to provide us with some paperwork, so we can prepare the rental contract. If everything is ready, you sign your rental contract online and start packing your bags – simple as that!

Yes, if you need a room urgently we can move as fast as moving in the same day, if there is a room available. The steps to take are simple and fast. If you provide our team with all the necessary documents (ID, contracts, diplomas, bank account details, proof of sufficient capital) and can show us that you will be a right fit, then it is a go.

Yes, there are many reservations being done for people starting a new job or study in 6 months time and wanting to make sure that the room or apartment that they really like is not rented out already moving closer. In fact, on multiple platforms the availability of our portfolio is synchronized in real time. 

You can collect your keys in our office. At the moment of collecting the keys you should have already made your payments.

Yes, you are able to pick up your keys outside of our business hours, since we use a self-service process, but we would not advise this, since we won’t be able to help you when any possible problems occur.

Business hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 9pm (from 6pm-9pm only available via email and telephone)


  • Respect the others living in the apartment
  • Damage by negligence will be paid by the tenant(s)
  • Products end of their lifetime with normal use will be replaced by us (example: a boiler that isn’t working anymore after 10 years)
  • Respect your neighbours living in the building
  • Change and throw away the garbage immediately when they are full
  • Clean the kitchen and the bathroom after using
  • Every tenant has a private shelf in the fridge and a drawer in the kitchen area
  • Smoking is only allowed at the balcony or outside area
  • No loud noise after 10pm
  • Parties are not allowed

Depending on the size of the room and the specific home, some of our rooms are perfectly suited for couples. Once you have applied, our team can give you more information.

Unfortunately, as much as we love animals, they’re not allowed in our homes.

The cleaning service is every week. 

The cleaning service will only clean common areas in the apartment.

Our cleaning team is dedicated, and together with your cooperation they can provide a clean and comfortable living environment for you (and your roommates).

  1. Community events to get to know the other colivers, make friendships and make the most out of your stay in Spain.
  2. Cleaning service in common areas.
  3. High-velocity internet service.
  4. A specialized maintenance team in case something happens.
  1.  Notify us the cancelation of the rental contract by email with a minimum of one month in advance before the departure date.
  2. On the day of departure you need to clean the room and keep it at the same standards (no missing or broken objects, clean, etc) that was delivered to you.
  3.  You have to send us a video of the room and its furniture right before leaving the room to our email. This video is the check out proof.
  4. You need to return the key at our office.
  5. Your need to sign the ending contract which you will recieve by email.
  6. As soon as we receive the last invoices and we have received back your ending contract you will receive your remaining deposit.


Our community members come from all over the world and consist of a diverse group of (master) students and young professionals between the age of 21 to 35.

We are doing an extensive screening before onboarding new colivers. This is including a background- and personality check in which we ask for the reason(s) of staying in the city where the room is based; normally being work and/or study. With the information gathered, we are doing a check with the current people living in the apartment to see if there could be a match. Sometimes also an introduction call between new and current colivers is taking place.

This totally depends on the characteristics of the apartment. We have a big range: from entire apartments to more than 5 rooms apartments.

Have a look at our available portfolio to see the latest availability.


With our community events, we try to create longlasting memories for our colivers during their stay at Enter Coliving.

We facilitate events in which we, the current tenants and/or professionals are organizing events such as yoga sessions, bootcamp workouts, language exchanges, mountain hikes, after work casual drinks and many other events. Our whole community is invited to join. In this way, our colivers can get to know each other while having a good time.

Yes, in fact, many! We have been working hard on creating collaborations with cool local companies in the city we are active in, 

For example, 

  • Discounts in bars, restaurants, yoga classes and many other places
  • Being able to do a professional photoshoot memorizing your stay in Barcelona
  • Working in the best looking coworking offices everywhere in the city, for half the price you would normally pay
  • Renting a bike during your stay in Barcelona, with an exclusive discount

Simple: make sure to confirm via the contact details we are providing and mention ‘Enter Coliving’ upon reserving your spot!


Every month you will receive an email with the payment instructions.  

We will listen to your personal situation if you come from outside the EU or have difficulties with payments or opening a bank account in Spain.

Rent must be paid within the first five (5) days of the month.

Everything is taken care of for you automatically, no need to set up anything. We charge a fixed monthly fee of €60 for utilities that covers utilities including gas, water, and electricity up to that amount. If more is used, all tenants will need to pay their share of the extra costs.

The deposit in most of our rooms is one month’s rent. In some cases, there is the option to enter without a deposit.