The Birth of Enter Coliving : Erwin Groenendijk’s Barcelona Experience

Living in this central location allowed Erwin to witness the city’s historical success and its ancient walls, creating a sense of connection to the authentic Barcelona experience. It was in this very flat that he crossed paths with future colleagues that became close friends, planting the seed for the concept of coliving. Erwin was no stranger to the challenges faced by newcomers—dealing with utility bills, communicating with landlords in a foreign language. Also the initial struggle to connect with like-minded individuals in a new city. It was from these personal struggles that the idea of Enter Coliving was born.

Pooling his vision with partners Adria and Christoph, Enter Coliving was established as a company that not only offered comfortable living spaces in central locations, but also aimed to foster a sense of community and connection among its residents. Recognizing the need for simplicity in the lives of newcomers, Enter Coliving set out to include all conveniences in the monthly rent. This encompasses not only rent but also utilities, a weekly cleaning service for common areas, high-speed 5G internet, and a variety of activities designed to help residents forge connections with others facing similar challenges.

During living in his first apartment in Barcelona and seeing how roommates turned into friends, Erwin personally experienced the benefits of coliving. He encountered countless adventures and met a diverse array of individuals, emphasizing that a coliving space is an ideal environment for forming professional connections, lifelong friendships, and even romantic relationships.

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