Guide To Expand Your Circle!

 So, you’ve packed your bags, waved goodbye to the familiar, and set off on an epic journey to explore the great unknown. But let’s be real, as exhilarating as it is, moving to a new country can sometimes feel like being the new kid at school all over again.


Fear not, we’ve got the guide on how to kickstart your social life and make friends faster than you can say “hola”. Here are some tips to help you crack the code and level up your social game abroad!


Local culture

First things first, let’s crack the code on language and culture! Whether you’re perfecting your “hola,” “gracias,” or “buenos días,” embracing the local language is your passport to making connections and winning hearts wherever you go. Pro tip: Duolingo is your new best friend, and a little confidence goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to bust out those beginner phrases and charm the locals with your language skills.


You can sit with us!

No adventure is complete without a squad by your side! Whether you’re into art, music, or extreme knitting (hey, we don’t judge!), there’s a crew out there with your name on it. Dive into social clubs, meetups, and online communities to find your tribe and kickstart epic adventures together. Psst…     Enter Coliving is where the magic happens, join our community and unlock a world of collaboration, connection, and lifelong friendships!


Network like a boss


Okay, so you’re not exactly here to play tourist 24/7, , ,  you’ve got bills to pay, dreams to chase, and a killer career to build! But who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Keep an eye out for networking events, workshops, and conferences in your field. For example, Enter Coliving x Carmel Club organizes fantastic collaboration and networking events where you can connect with other dynamic individuals, share stories, and build relationships that will elevate both your career and social life.


Spread good vibes, do good deeds


Ready to be a real-life superhero? Volunteering is your chance to make a difference and meet awesome people along the way. Whether you’re rescuing puppies, cleaning up beaches, or teaching English to aspiring learners, there’s no shortage of ways to spread positivity and connect with fellow do-gooders who share your passion for making the world a better place. It’s a win-win for humanity and your social life! The company Wepleia is a great place to look up if your interested in activities like this!


Be unapologetically yourself

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to be your awesome, authentic self! Embrace your quirks, flaunt your passions, and don’t be afraid to be your crazy self.  Because trust us, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s unapologetically themselves. So, strike up a convo with that stranger sitting next to you, and let the magic happen. You never know, your new BFF or soulmate could be just one “hello” away!


And hey, speaking of making friends, did you know there are apps out there that are like Tinder but for friendships? Yup, you heard that right! Whether it’s Bumble BFF, Meetup, or Friender, there’s a whole world of friendship-building apps just waiting for you to swipe right and make new connections. Because let’s face it, finding friends should be as easy as finding a date!



 So there you have it, fellow adventurers, your ultimate guide to making friends and thriving abroad! Grab your essentials, be open to new experiences, and get ready to dive into this exciting new chapter of your life. Remember, the world is full of amazing people and opportunities just waiting for you to discover.


Here’s to new beginnings, unforgettable experiences, and lifelong friendships. Happy exploring!


By Laura Johanna Tirion