Guide To Expand Your Circle!

 So, you’ve packed your bags, waved goodbye to the familiar, and set off on an epic journey to explore the great unknown. But let’s be real, as exhilarating as it is, moving to a new country can sometimes feel like being the new kid at school all over again.


Fear not, we’ve got the guide on how to kickstart your social life and make friends faster than you can say “hola”. Here are some tips to help you crack the code and level up your social game abroad!


Local culture

First things first, let’s crack the code on language and culture! Whether you’re perfecting your “hola,” “gracias,” or “buenos días,” embracing the local language is your passport to making connections and winning hearts wherever you go. Pro tip: Duolingo is your new best friend, and a little confidence goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to bust out those beginner phrases and charm the locals with your language skills.


You can sit with us!

No adventure is complete without a squad by your side! Whether you’re into art, music, or extreme knitting (hey, we don’t judge!), there’s a crew out there with your name on it. Dive into social clubs, meetups, and online communities to find your tribe and kickstart epic adventures together. Psst…     Enter Coliving is where the magic happens, join our community and unlock a world of collaboration, connection, and lifelong friendships!


Network like a boss


Okay, so you’re not exactly here to play tourist 24/7, , ,  you’ve got bills to pay, dreams to chase, and a killer career to build! But who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Keep an eye out for networking events, workshops, and conferences in your field. For example, Enter Coliving x Carmel Club organizes fantastic collaboration and networking events where you can connect with other dynamic individuals, share stories, and build relationships that will elevate both your career and social life.


Spread good vibes, do good deeds


Ready to be a real-life superhero? Volunteering is your chance to make a difference and meet awesome people along the way. Whether you’re rescuing puppies, cleaning up beaches, or teaching English to aspiring learners, there’s no shortage of ways to spread positivity and connect with fellow do-gooders who share your passion for making the world a better place. It’s a win-win for humanity and your social life! The company Wepleia is a great place to look up if your interested in activities like this!


Be unapologetically yourself

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to be your awesome, authentic self! Embrace your quirks, flaunt your passions, and don’t be afraid to be your crazy self.  Because trust us, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s unapologetically themselves. So, strike up a convo with that stranger sitting next to you, and let the magic happen. You never know, your new BFF or soulmate could be just one “hello” away!


And hey, speaking of making friends, did you know there are apps out there that are like Tinder but for friendships? Yup, you heard that right! Whether it’s Bumble BFF, Meetup, or Friender, there’s a whole world of friendship-building apps just waiting for you to swipe right and make new connections. Because let’s face it, finding friends should be as easy as finding a date!



 So there you have it, fellow adventurers, your ultimate guide to making friends and thriving abroad! Grab your essentials, be open to new experiences, and get ready to dive into this exciting new chapter of your life. Remember, the world is full of amazing people and opportunities just waiting for you to discover.


Here’s to new beginnings, unforgettable experiences, and lifelong friendships. Happy exploring!


By Laura Johanna Tirion

The Magic Night of Sant Joan

Fireworks above the city of Barcelona on the night of Sant Joan

As the sun sets on June 23rd, 2024, get ready for the magic night of Sant Joan to light up the streets and beaches of Barcelona! This awesome festival, also known as Saint John’s Festival, is all about celebrating the start of summer and the shortest night of the year. Come join us as we dive into the fun and unique traditions that make Sant Joan one of the most exciting experiences in Barcelona.

A Night of Fire and Festivities

In Barcelona and all over Catalonia, Sant Joan is all about fire. People light bonfires, called ‘fogueres,’ in their neighborhoods, plazas, and beaches, making everything glow. Get ready to see the sky light up with fireworks as families and friends gather to set off their own bangers and firecrackers.The streets come alive with the sounds of music and laughter.


The tradition of fire runs deep. The night is often called ‘Nit del Foc’ (Fire Night) or ‘Nit de Sant Joan’ (St. John’s Night). Local residents and authorities organize community celebrations with live music, dancing, and the enjoyment of ‘coca,’ a delicious sweet flatbread, often paired with a glass of cava, the region’s famous sparkling wine.


For many people, the beaches of Barcelona, especially those around the Barceloneta area, are the place to be. Around 70,000 people gather on the sand, turning the beachfront into a massive party zone. Beachfront restaurants and clubs offer special dinners and events, making the night a continuous celebration from sunset to sunrise!


Do you know the rituals of Sant Joan?

Sant Joan is full of old traditions, together with ancient rituals and modern celebrations to create an unforgettable experience. Here’s a glimpse into what makes it so special:


                Fire: The flame of Canigó, a symbolic fire from the Pyrenees, is used to light many of the bonfires. This tradition represents unity and the enduring spirit of Catalan culture.

                Water: Taking a midnight dip in the sea is believed to cleanse the sins and bring health for the year ahead. With water temperatures around 22-23°C, a swim is both refreshing and symbolic.

                Herbs: Sant Joan is also a time to gather and use herbs like thyme, rosemary, and verbena, believed to have special healing on this night.

                Coca and Cava: No celebration is complete without food and drink. ‘Coca de Sant Joan,’ a sweet, brioche-like bread, is a must-try, often enjoyed with a glass of chilled cava.


Some Important Tips!

Here are some must-know tips to make the most of your Sant Joan experience:


                Getting Around: Want to hop from one bonfire to the next? The Barcelona metro runs all night long, ensuring you can travel across the city easily. Night buses will also run, with some extra services on specific lines. However, suburban and regional trains will not run all night.

                Safety First: Fireworks may be dazzling, but they can also be dangerous. Keep a safe distance from firecrackers and bonfires and use protective eyewear if you’re participating directly. And don’t forget to wear comfy shoes for all that dancing!

                Clean-Up Crew: After the party winds down, a team of dedicated cleaners swoops in to tidy up the beaches. The day after Sant Joan, over 300 city cleaners will work from 6 am to 10 am to clean the beaches, ensuring they are prepared for the usual beach visitors.

                For pet owners: Think about going somewhere quiet outside the city during events like Sant Joan. Fireworks can scare pets, so being away from the noise in a calmer place can help them feel better and be less stressed. This way, you and your pets can have a peaceful and safe evening away from the loud sounds of fireworks.

                Just a heads-up! The day after Saint Joan is a public holiday in Catalonia, so make sure to enjoy your well-deserved day off!

                If you want visit Barcelona during this time, watch out for rental scams. Here are some tips how to avoid it.  

Sant Joan isn’t your average holiday, it’s a wild ride that truly embodies the heart and soul of Barcelona! Whether you’re a local soaking up the hometown pride or a traveler eager to dive into Catalan culture, brace yourself for a night of blazing lights, laughter, and cultural rituals that’ll leave you breathless. So, crank up the volume, soak in the dazzling lights, and join the party! Sant Joan in Barcelona is the ultimate night out you won’t want to skip!

By Laura Johanna Tirion

Why to Study Abroad in Barcelona: Step By Step Guide

Hey there, future explorer! Thinking about studing abroad in Barcelona? Well, get ready because you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Living and working in a new country, surrounded by a different culture, is both exciting and challenging. Here’s why you should take on this incredible journey!.

Step 1: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

First things first, let’s talk about bravery. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a whole new country might seem scary, but trust us it’s totally worth it! Finding your way in a new city, handling everyday tasks in a different language, and adjusting to new workplace habits can help you become more resilient and independent. 

Step 2: Open Your Eyes to the World!

Next up, let’s talk about perspective. When you intern abroad, you’re not just clocking in for work. Whether you’re trying local dishes or picking up new words, each day offers a fresh perspective and a chance to uncover something exciting.

Step 3: Level Up Your Skills!

Now, let’s talk about career moves. Interning abroad isn’t just about getting job experience (although that’s pretty awesome too). It’s about gaining real-world skills that’ll set you up for success, like problem-solving, adaptability, and teamwork. Plus, you’ll make connections that could lead to some opportunities down the road.

Step 4: Say “Hola!” to Language Learning!

Living in a foreign country is like stepping into a language maze. But don’t worry! Whether you’re a beginner or just refining your skills, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you master the language. You can learn Spanish in Eoibd.

Step 5: Make Memories That Last a Lifetime!

Last but not least, let’s talk about fun! Interning abroad isn’t just about work. It’s about making memories that’ll stay with you forever. From exploring new cities to making friends from all over the world. For example at Erasmus Barcelona where you will have 10% off for being  a member of Enter Coliving. Every day is an adventure waiting to happen!

Your Ultimate Study Abroad Survival Tips!

Ready to dive in? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your internship abroad adventure:

  1. Research Thoroughly: Understand cultural norms and living conditions before you go.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Touch up on your language skills before you leave and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!
  3. Stay Flexible: Things might not always go according to plan, and that’s okay. Embrace the unexpected and roll with the punches!
  4. Make Connections: Whether it’s with coworkers, fellow interns, or friendly locals, building relationships is key to a successful internship abroad. Remember every month we organize a Afterwork meet up at Caramel Club.

Studying abroad in Barcelona is a great opportunity with many benefits. You’ll gain a new perspective, develop new skills, and create unforgettable memories. If you get the chance to intern abroad, do it! It’s an experience that you will never forget. 


By  Laura Johanna Tirion

The Birth of Enter Coliving : Erwin Groenendijk’s Barcelona Experience

Living in this central location allowed Erwin to witness the city’s historical success and its ancient walls, creating a sense of connection to the authentic Barcelona experience. It was in this very flat that he crossed paths with future colleagues that became close friends, planting the seed for the concept of coliving. Erwin was no stranger to the challenges faced by newcomers—dealing with utility bills, communicating with landlords in a foreign language. Also the initial struggle to connect with like-minded individuals in a new city. It was from these personal struggles that the idea of Enter Coliving was born.

Pooling his vision with partners Adria and Christoph, Enter Coliving was established as a company that not only offered comfortable living spaces in central locations, but also aimed to foster a sense of community and connection among its residents. Recognizing the need for simplicity in the lives of newcomers, Enter Coliving set out to include all conveniences in the monthly rent. This encompasses not only rent but also utilities, a weekly cleaning service for common areas, high-speed 5G internet, and a variety of activities designed to help residents forge connections with others facing similar challenges.

During living in his first apartment in Barcelona and seeing how roommates turned into friends, Erwin personally experienced the benefits of coliving. He encountered countless adventures and met a diverse array of individuals, emphasizing that a coliving space is an ideal environment for forming professional connections, lifelong friendships, and even romantic relationships.

A Guide to Healthy Shared Living

Living with flatmates can be an exciting journey filled with camaraderie and shared experiences. However, it’s crucial to establish certain ground rules to ensure a peaceful co-living environment. These guidelines will help you navigate the intricacies of communal living without finding yourself at the end of your wits.

1. Keep It Clean and Honest

The cardinal rule of co-living is cleanliness. Respect the shared space by promptly cleaning up after yourself. It’s crucial to maintain personal hygiene as well as cleanliness in communal areas. Dishonesty has no place in a co-living setting. Be upfront and honest about any accidents or mishaps that occur. Blaming others or shirking responsibility can only breed distrust and animosity.

2. Socialize Wisely

While co-living spaces aren’t party venues, they provide an excellent opportunity to foster meaningful connections. Consider organizing occasional dinners or small gatherings to build a sense of community. These events can create lasting memories and nurture strong bonds with your flatmates. Ensure, however, that these events don’t disrupt the peace and privacy of others.

3. Respect Individual Schedules

Recognize that everyone has a unique routine. While you may be a night owl, some flatmates might have early morning commitments. Be mindful of noise levels during designated quiet hours, especially if some members work early shifts or have important engagements. Respecting each other’s schedules is key to fostering a harmonious living environment.

4. Embrace Accountability

Mistakes happen, but it’s crucial to take accountability for your actions. If you accidentally break or damage something, own up to it and inform your flatmates immediately. Collaborate to find a solution and share the costs of repairs or replacements if necessary. Open and honest communication is the foundation of trust and understanding.

5. Practice Kitchen Etiquette

In a shared kitchen, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Clean up the cooking area and countertops after preparing meals. Avoid leaving food remnants in the sink or on the stove. Remember that someone else might need to use the kitchen after you. A clean kitchen reflects a shared commitment to maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment.

6. Establish Shared Responsibilities

Create a roster for essential tasks such as taking out the trash. Utilize digital tools like WhatsApp or Excel sheets to coordinate and assign responsibilities. Consider pooling money together to purchase communal cleaning supplies for the shared areas. By sharing these responsibilities, you cultivate a sense of ownership and cooperation within the living space.

Living in a co-living arrangement demands respect, responsibility, and open communication. By adhering to these basic guidelines, you can create a positive and enriching co-living experience for everyone involved. Remember, it’s the little gestures and considerations that pave the way for a peaceful and fulfilling co-living environment.

How to Avoid Rental Scams in Barcelona

Barcelona, with its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and beautiful beaches, is a popular destination for both tourists and expats. However, finding a safe and legitimate room for rent in this bustling city can be challenging, as rental scams are not uncommon. To help you avoid falling victim to such scams, we’ve put together a guide on how to protect yourself while searching for a room to rent in Barcelona.

1.Start Early and Be Patient

One of the key ways to avoid rental scams in Barcelona is to start your search well in advance. Rushing into a rental decision can make you more vulnerable to scams. Scammers often use the pressure of limited availability to push victims into hasty decisions. Give yourself ample time to research, visit properties, and verify the legitimacy of the rental listings.

2.Use Reputable Websites and Apps

When searching for rental accommodations, use well-known and reputable websites and apps like Idealista, Fotocasa, Airbnb or Coliving as Enter Coliving. These platforms typically have mechanisms in place to verify property listings and provide user reviews and ratings, making it harder for scammers to operate undetected.

3.Beware of Unrealistically Low Prices

If a rental listing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often lure victims with incredibly low prices to entice them into paying deposits or upfront fees. Research the average rental prices in the area to ensure that the listing falls within a reasonable range.

4.Insist on In-Person Viewings

Never agree to rent a room without visiting it in person. Scammers may claim to be out of town or unavailable to show you the property, but this should raise red flags. Insist on arranging a viewing and meet the landlord or property manager in person before making any commitments.

5. Trust Your Instincts

If something about a rental listing or landlord seems off, trust your instincts. If a deal seems too good to be true or if the landlord appears overly pushy or evasive, it’s best to move on and look for other options.

6. Be Wary of Urgency

Scammers often create a false sense of urgency to pressure you into making quick decisions. Don’t fall for tactics like claims that other renters are interested in the same property or that the room will only be available for a limited time. Take your time to investigate and make an informed decision.

Additionally, for a secure and hassle-free room rental experience in Barcelona, you can trust and inquire about our services at Enter Coliving, a reputable and trusted platform dedicated to providing quality room rental options in the city. Remember, taking precautions and being cautious is the key to a safe and successful room rental experience in Barcelona.

You can check here our website: www.entercoliving.com or contact us directly by whatsapp 0034 643 97 01 17

Free Guide to Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain might be your next great adventure! Whether you’re an EU citizen or from beyond its borders. Here’s your concise and captivating guide to making Spain your new home.

1. Find Your Perfect Nest

Before you start enjoying tapas and siestas, you need a cozy place to call home. EnterColiving is your go-to partner, offering hassle-free housing solutions. Check out their contact details here to jumpstart your Spanish journey.

2. Register Like a Pro

Don’t be intimidated by paperwork. Whether you’re an EU citizen or not, there’s a path for everyone. The EnterColiving team is there to guide you through the maze.

  • EU Citizens: If you’re an EU citizen planning to stay over 3 months, register at the Central Register of Foreign Nationals or the local police station. Within a day, you’ll have your residence certificate, a golden ticket to your Spanish adventure.
  • Non-EU Citizens: Choose your visa wisely, whether it’s for studies, work, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Assemble your documents, like proof of financial means, a clean police record, and medical insurance. Special tip: Enrolling in a university? Get accepted first! All documents need a dash of Spanish translation magic.

3. Let’s Talk About Money, Honey!

Opening a Spanish bank account is as easy as ordering a café con leche. It’s essential for your day-to-day financial transactions. Plus, it’s a stepping stone to solidifying your life in Spain.

4. The Visa Quest

For non-EU citizens, obtaining a visa can feel like unlocking a treasure chest. Decide which type suits your journey – whether it’s the Student, Work, Au-Pair, Golden, Entrepreneur, Non-Lucrative, Wealth, or Digital Nomad visa.

5. Ready, Set, Settle!

After securing a job, EU citizens can embark on the road to legal residence. Apply for your NIE, the Residence Card (TIE) or (CUE) awaits you, opening doors to permanent residency.

Whether you’re a carefree EU citizen or an adventurous non-EU explorer, the path to Spain is simpler than it seems. Thanks to EnterColiving, the journey to your new Spanish life is as smooth as a glass of sangria. So pack your bags, learn a little Spanish, and get ready to create unforgettable memories in your new Iberian home! ¡Vamonos!

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