Free Guide to Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain might be your next great adventure! Whether you’re an EU citizen or from beyond its borders. Here’s your concise and captivating guide to making Spain your new home.

1. Find Your Perfect Nest

Before you start enjoying tapas and siestas, you need a cozy place to call home. EnterColiving is your go-to partner, offering hassle-free housing solutions. Check out their contact details here to jumpstart your Spanish journey.

2. Register Like a Pro

Don’t be intimidated by paperwork. Whether you’re an EU citizen or not, there’s a path for everyone. The EnterColiving team is there to guide you through the maze.

  • EU Citizens: If you’re an EU citizen planning to stay over 3 months, register at the Central Register of Foreign Nationals or the local police station. Within a day, you’ll have your residence certificate, a golden ticket to your Spanish adventure.
  • Non-EU Citizens: Choose your visa wisely, whether it’s for studies, work, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Assemble your documents, like proof of financial means, a clean police record, and medical insurance. Special tip: Enrolling in a university? Get accepted first! All documents need a dash of Spanish translation magic.

3. Let’s Talk About Money, Honey!

Opening a Spanish bank account is as easy as ordering a café con leche. It’s essential for your day-to-day financial transactions. Plus, it’s a stepping stone to solidifying your life in Spain.

4. The Visa Quest

For non-EU citizens, obtaining a visa can feel like unlocking a treasure chest. Decide which type suits your journey – whether it’s the Student, Work, Au-Pair, Golden, Entrepreneur, Non-Lucrative, Wealth, or Digital Nomad visa.

5. Ready, Set, Settle!

After securing a job, EU citizens can embark on the road to legal residence. Apply for your NIE, the Residence Card (TIE) or (CUE) awaits you, opening doors to permanent residency.

Whether you’re a carefree EU citizen or an adventurous non-EU explorer, the path to Spain is simpler than it seems. Thanks to EnterColiving, the journey to your new Spanish life is as smooth as a glass of sangria. So pack your bags, learn a little Spanish, and get ready to create unforgettable memories in your new Iberian home! ¡Vamonos!

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